Sponge Flavours

​- Vanilla​



-Coffee & Walnut*


-Red Velvet

-Carrot Cake**

-Raspberry & White Chocolate 


-Simple Vanilla

-Vanilla & Jam^


-Simple Lemon

-Lemon With Curd*

-Strawberry (Flavouring)


-White Chocolate*

-Salted Caramel*

-Ferrero Rocher*

-Raspberry (Flavouring)

* May Not Be Suitable For Allergies Or Dietary Needs.

** Minimum Order Of 6 For Cupcakes - Unless Chosen For A Tasting.

^ Raspberry Or Strawberry Jam

Questions & Orders 

To place an order or if you have any questions please either email me at billie@beautiful-bakes.co.uk or Call 07729695148

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